When Your “Duty” Looks Different Than Someone Thinks it Should

People are quick to tell you your duty.

I heard them them tell my parents their duty was to the church marriage ministry because their marriage was strong.

It was their duty to put us in sports so we could be well-socialized.

It was their duty to stop having children for the good of the earth.

Today they tell me my duty is to abide by specific mandates for the good of society, or ignore them as a political statement.

It is my duty to stay informed of the darkness in the world.

It is my duty to raise my children in a way that makes people comfortable—right down to how I tuck them in to sleep.

But they are wrong.

My duty is to Christ. Studying his scripture and obeying the promptings he puts on MY heart.

My duty is to my husband. Listening to what matters to him, and making that my priority.

My duty is to my children. Raising them the way we believe is best. Because in the end, I live with the decisions I make.

The church. The country. The burning passion on someone else’s mind that they feel should be on mine . . . I’ll pray.

But my duty will likely look different than what someone else thinks it should.

If I am truly called to act, I won’t need them to tell me. The Lord will reveal it in his Word, by His Spirit, in His timing.

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