What No One Tells You About Sex After Kids

If you told me five years ago–actually, if you told me five days ago—I’d be talking on the internet about sex, I would have said you were insane.


But for some reason women feel comfortable telling me about their struggles, and for some reason I have a deep desire to see women thriving in their marriages as mothers.

It seems so many women are unaware that men were born with a physiological NEED for sex. It’s portrayed in media as some animalistic desire, but they were created to physically need a woman.

I hear people moan over and over about how sex after kids is difficult and painful and tiring and lame. But physical intimacy is more than a mechanical act. It’s a way to consistently put effort and passion into marriage.

If we aren’t willing to work on our sex lives, we aren’t willing to work on the health of our marriage, and that, my friends, is a very scary place to be. 

My mother helped form my opinion and perspective on sex after marriage with three simple, yet powerful truths, and I am so grateful for the way it impacts my marriage on a daily basis.

I share those tips and my experience, here.

Learning with You!
The Kathryn Joy

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