024: Think Big, Act Small

Some of us are dreamers. We have all the ideas–castles in the sky that blow everyone’s imaginations out of the water. But when we come down from our 30,000 foot view we aren’t sure what step to take on solid ground.

Some of us are doers. We take control of each day. But one day we wake up and realize we’ve been marching to someone else’s drum. All of a sudden we have to create our next plan of action and we have no idea how to create a goal out of thin air.

Elisha is the King of one-liners (in his biased wife’s opinion) and today we’re talking all about our goal to live by his phrase, Think Big, Act Small.

In order to live a fulfilling day to day life, while still reaching for big visions of the future, Elisha and I are constantly reevaluating our big dreams and small actions.

Think Big, Act Small, can be applied to any area of life, but today we’re talking about how it applies to our Giant 5 Priorities:

1. Faith

2. Marriage

3. Children

4. Health

5. Using our God-Given Abilities to provide, bless and serve others.

As always, this podcast is recorded in real-time, documenting what we’re currently learning. We don’t have all the answers, but we hope this gives you inspiration to apply Think Big, Act Small in your own life.

May the Lord richly bless you and your family!

Elisha and Katie Voetberg

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