An Apology to Mothers At the Drive-Through Window

I love coffee shops. I always have and probably always will. From over-commercialized, over branded, overstocked retail-shelved Starbucks to second-hand furniture, sustainable cups and recycled baristas at hole-in-the-wall, unmarked, hipster hangouts, the wealth of memories and relationships I have cultivated at coffee shops are priceless. Because of this, when my father decided to make the …

Three Ways To Stay In Love

“Falling in love is a feeling, staying in love is an action.”  Today I showed up at church boiling mad at my husband. Like, the, I-Can’t-Even-Look-You-In-The-Eye-And-I’m-Probably-Going-To-Poke-Your-Eyes-Out kind of mad. We had a little disagreement before we left for church, but Elisha’s the guy that quietly processes, and I’m the one that needs to talk it …

How I Told My Son About the Birds and the Bees

There is something pretty darn satisfying about checking boxes.

Even though I’ve been taught relationships go far deeper than simply checking boxes and following routines, I still find myself going through the motions of what I think it means to be a good husband or father.

Tell Katie I love her. Check.

Take out the trash. Check.