015: Our Love Story | How We Met

Elisha and I go wayyyyy back.

So people assume we established a friendship. Started dating. And got married.

But really, we got that backwards. We got married and then became best friends.

It’s hard to believe we knew each other for over a decade before we even had our first conversation (if that’s what you could call our awkward dialogue), so today we’re telling our love story on the podcast.

If you’re more a visual type, we talked it out here on our family vlog channel a few months ago.

Here is the first email Elisha sent me—completely out of the blue—and my response. They’re laughable now, but when I look back and remember all the time, effort, and thought we put into crafting each individual word I get all warm inside.


A Few Photos Outlining our Relationship

I’m directly above Elisha here. I was 15 and he was 19. He asked me to dance . . . but you can see the competition I was up against at every event, haha.
A wedding where both of us were on a break from our current relationships. Still awkward. But still drawn to each other by some strange law of attraction. It’s fun to look back and see how God had a plan the whole time.
The “Achademy” Man Camp where I finally told Elisha I liked him and we were almost caught alone at midnight. (See why I was such a big fan? He’s good at everything.)
One of our dates with all my siblings.
Me basically enjoying touching Elisha’s face and everyone else totally annoyed. We played in a volleyball league the first 3 months we dated . . . and took the championship. (Other people pictured are Kyla, my awesome sister, and Cody, Elisha’s good friend).
Two weeks before we almost broke up for good (but ended up getting engaged instead). Disneyland was fun, but this was a stressful time in our relationship because we didn’t know what was going to happen.
Elisha’s Facebook announcement Picture:
This just in: Elisha Peter Voetberg is engaged to Kathryn Joy Johnson. True story.
Our Engagement Photo
Our first two months of marriage in Bend, Oregon! Becoming best friends.

Here’s to your own love story! And continuing to fall in love over the years.

Elisha and Katie Voetberg

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