Determining Which Fears to Embrace and Avoid

If we don’t do things that scare us . . . consistently . . . we aren’t staying in a place of growth.

Lulled to sleep in our comfort zones, we stop learning and stretching ourselves as people.

I’ll never forget the year my mother said her one goal for the year was to do things she was afraid of. True to her word, that mother of 11 children ran a half marathon, went off a rope swing, cliff jumped with us, went door-to-door selling, the list goes on.

She pushed herself, and I got to watch her excitement, personal growth, and confidence grow. Mother has always inspired me, but this year she was a powerful living evidence that it’s never too late to learn new things and grow through change.

How often we embrace fear is a wonderful way to track our growth.

But what about fears that we shouldn’t embrace?

Fears like not being a consistent parent, overspending, letting people down. How do we avoid those fears becoming reality?

Enter: The Fear Processor (Download Here)

This isn’t rocket science. It’s just a few things I jotted down on a notebook to brainstorm what scared me.

The Fear Processor is a tool that enables us to determine where we will see the most growth and where we need to embrace change.

It will also bring to light fears that are lurking through our minds, and calm them by identifying what actions we can take.

Ultimately, the Fear Processor helps give specific direction forward–driving us by one of our biggest motivators.

How to Use It

Start at the top, writing down everything that scares you about heading into the next year. The next 90 days. Whatever length of time you’re evaluating.

Next, divide those fears into opportunities you should embrace (ones that bring growth), and fears that should be avoided (ones that are damaging).

For each fear in the avoid category, think of 2-3 action steps you can implement to avoid those fears becoming reality. For instance, a fear I have this year is not growing in my relationship with God. For my action steps, I wrote down:

  1. Having a Morning Routine
  2. Signing Up for a Theology Class
  3. Sharing online what I’m learning (as accountability).

For the fears I wanted to embrace, I used those to help me create my dream board and plan the rest of my year.

Some fears are good, and all fears can be leveraged to help us grow into the people God has created us to be.

Way to look that fear in the eye!



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