Now That We're a Family Podcast

084: We Moved!!!

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083: Moving On From Christ

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082: Katie Delivers Devastating News To Elisha // The Relationship Survives

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081: The End Times // Are They Here and What Should We Do About Them?

The last thing Elisha and I are going to do is pretend to be experts on eschatology . . . heck, we can hardly pronounce it. But after looking into what we were taught as children and comparing it with different schools of doctrinal thought and what we believe to be true today, we realized our ... READ the POST

080: Our Timidity Evangelizing // What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Resources Adam & Eve (Spotify) Abeka Salvation Series Flash-A-Cards (currently out of stock. I found mine on eBay. This is just so you know what they look like and can Google for them.) Sharing Our Faith 1st Peter 3:15 Our Need of a Savior Romans 3:10 Romans 3:23 ... READ the POST

079: An Unexpected Change Of Plans

We’re moving!! Kinda crazy. But we are so, so, excited. Elisha stayed up until 1am to bring you this podcast, and I had a I’m-tired-and-I-quit meltdown and went to bed. I was so thankful for Elisha taking over and doing the hard stuff, and also for his perspective as he walks you all through ... READ the POST