30 Week Pregnancy Update

30 weeks. I love this stage of pregnancy. You can sense the end in sight, and it feels so good to just embrace all the beautiful bigness that comes with the third trimester.

My first pregnancy, this stage scared me—but the fourth time around, my face is swelling, my heart is swelling, and I am so incredibly happy to be experiencing this leg of the journey once more.

It’s not all fun and games. I walked for a couple miles today and had two Braxton Hicks so painful I had to immediately stop the treadmill to breathe through them. Some nights I have to wake Elisha up to carry me to the bathroom because my lower back spasms so bad I cannot move my legs.

I definitely feel like a veteran pregnant woman—a few weak spots, a few battle scars, and lots of experience giving me confidence and peace in the process.

Nothing is guaranteed. I don’t know if this baby will be my last, if this day will be my last, or what the future holds.

So I’m grateful for today. It’s not perfect. It’s not painless. But it’s a gift.

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