105: How We’re Planning for Postpartum as a Married Couple: Baby Number 4

Postpartum is a season in your marriage that can draw you together or draw you apart, and we’ve experienced both in our short four and a half years of marriage.

We believe God meant what he said when he wrote, “children are a blessing,” so we’ve never blamed a new baby for entering the world and changing our marriage. But we have dealt with the stress and change of bringing a new baby home by turning on each other instead of working together.

Tonight we are going back through some of the exercises in the postpartum books we wrote in 2019, After the Baby for Him and After the Baby for Her, in hopes of maximizing this experience of having a fourth baby and drawing closer as a couple.

Regardless of whether we were birthing our first or getting ready for our fourth, a new baby always has always brought a new dynamic. And each one of our children has been born into a stage of life that has included a different jobs, different homes, and different financial situations.

We want to be careful to never believe the myth that we’ve “arrived,” or that there is nothing left to learn about a specific stage of life. And we hope that wherever you are in your families journey of growth, this candid conversation encourages you or brings up some good conversation.

Tools Mentioned:

The History Reflector

What worked?

What did not work?

What steps could I take to make this experience more positive and fulfilling?

What steps could you take to make this experience more positive and fulfilling?

The Expectation Translator

What is your goal?

What does the ideal outcome look like?

What does the worst-case scenario look like?

What are 5 things you want to be true of this experience?

You can use these tools for any aspect of life you want to learn from, or be on the same page going into! They have richly blessed our marriage communication and we hope they do the same for you?

Elisha and Katie

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