103: The Danger of If/Then Christianity

As humans, we naturally gravitate toward law—what we can do. We want to take our future into our own hands and somehow guarantee an outcome.

Yet the gospel gives us a guarantee that requires no action on our part. Just belief.

The beauty we experience or the terror we fight is that the gospel is completely out of our control.

Today, we are discussing the difference between the Old and New Testament wording of law and gospel—breaking down passages in the bible through a “because/therefore” lens, versus an “if/then” lens.

The deeper we dive into scripture with this subtle shift of belief, the more we are humbled and brought to our knees at what has been done and what has been given.

Scripture Referenced:

Romans 4:4-5
Matthew 5:45
Psalm 51: 7
2nd Chronicles 7:14
2nd Peter 1:3-4

Elisha’s Fancy Greek Word:

“euangelion” (he did a pretty good job on pronunciation).

This may sound like word games, but we pray your heart will be encouraged to dig into scripture in a new way after this episode.

A resounding “it is finished” permeates every passage of scripture. Praise God!

Elisha and Katie Voetberg

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