102: Six Questions to Ask Your Spouse Going Into The New Year

It’s easy to feel you have already talked about everything with your spouse–maybe a few too many times. The same conversations, hot spots, and discussions keep circulating, and Elisha and I can find ourselves assuming we know what the other person is thinking, wanting or feeling.

The New Year is the perfect time to ask each other new questions!

In this podcast we each picked three questions we wanted the other person to answer off the top of their head. Have fun asking each other these questions, or just google a few! We did this at the start of 2020, and every time we learn something new, and have a fun discussion!

Elisha’s Questions:

What’s one thing you want to quit in 2021?

What’s one purchase you want to make in 2021?

What’s one practical thing you’re going to do to grow your faith in 2021?

Katie’s Questions:

Do you think we are on the same page as parents? In what areas we really good at as parents? What are our blindspots in parenting?

What is one thing you want to invest into in 2021?

What mission do you feel God called us to as a couple? Is it still our calling? How has it changed?

Hopefully these questions can spawn some good conversation in your own marriage! Happy 2021!

Elisha and Katie

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