017: What We’re Working on Personally | The Stop. Go. Grow. Method.

For this entire episode, we refer to a tool @thegiant5guy taught us a couple years ago. It’s been an invaluable resource for stepping back when we don’t like what’s happening in our lives, but we also don’t know what to change.

“Stop. Go. Grow!” enables you to get out of the foggy day to day grind and look at the big picture of life. What you want most from it? What does a vibrant, fulfilling life look like to you? Then, deep dive back down to earth and get extremely practical.

We want to start using this tool quarterly to realign our vision for faith, marriage, family, health, and using our God-given abilities to bless others through finances and ministry.



Listen to the full podcast down below where we mention what we are personally working to stop, go and grow. We both found ourselves in some habits recently that were not going to get us to our goals in three years. That said, it’s always a good time to refocus, and we’re excited for the start of some new healthy action steps!

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Grateful for you all,

Elisha and Katie Voetberg

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