016: Child Training Advice From Parents of 8 – With Isaac And Angie Tolpin

WOW! What a privilege to interview Isaac and Angie Tolpin from courageousparenting.com. Katie and I were encouraged by not only their heart for families, but also their insightful tips on how to apply parenting strategies on a daily basis.

Disciplining for behavior modification while still cultivating and nurturing a soft heart of submission in our children is a juggling act every christian parent finds themselves performing. Katie and I were blessed and inspired by how Issac and Angie approach this topic with humility and sobriety while delivering practical strategies of hope and insight.

We are raising up eternal beings which is pretty dang daunting at times. However, Isaac and Angie remind us that, while the concept of raising up men and women of faith is a big deal, we only need to be faithful in our day to day parenting.

It doesn’t all happen at once. That said, what we do on a daily basis totally matters.

I know that as a father I am temped daily to go the route of passivity, succumbing to the nagging feeling that I am inadequate to lead, therefore I should just leave the spiritual discipleship to pastors, teachers and mothers.

The reason this is such a common mindset of men is because it appears to be true.

I can easily point out my failures and shortcomings and use them as valid reasons for why I am unfit to lead. That said, those that are in Christ Jesus are new creatures that have been given all things that pertain unto life and godliness.

That reality doesn’t always come with the feeling of qualification but it is a reality nonetheless.

Isaac reminds men that in Christ we are equipped and as our children’s fathers we are also called to lead spirituality.

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